Thursday, April 12, 2012


A little Random Today.

Those are the pictures I have had and not used at this point and are too cute not to 1,2 . My nephew Oliver James came over to hang out for the day and he loves wearing hats (or maybe I made him....the details are a little fuzzy) we got some cuddle time in and we watched Yo Gabba Gabba...if you haven't seen it, well you my friend are missing out!! 3. Our big little Hound Dog is such  a cuddly, this is her idea of Heaven, us laying on the floor holding her. What a silly big Hound.

I am off to do a photo shoot for a cute little family with 2 little boys this morning, the weather is holding out...fingers crossed and lots of praying going on to keep it that way! Then a fun trip into Ikea with one of my favorite very pregnant friends!

Have a great Thursday, thank you for stopping by. Dont forget tomorrow is Fashion Friday!!

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