Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coconut Milk Kind Of Days.

Shoes- Target / Skirt- Lauren Conrad / Shirt- Nordstroms / Blazer - H&M / necklace- Forever 21

I have had writers block for over a week...nothing comes to my mind when I open a new page to write its like one minute there are all these thoughts and the next not even birds are chirping. So these are my thoughts, points, facts that i could and have mustered up!!

-We just submitted our Taxes, Praise the Lord they are done, and I thought we would get more money back because we bought a house....I was wrong, come on people where is my kick back! They (and by they I mean just people) told me when we got married and filled jointly we would get better refunds...WRONG. Then it was "buy a house" .....WRONG now they say have a baby, in fact have an entire herd of them and you will get money back....not to sure I believe them.

-Hound Dog went to the Grooming Barn (our local Pet Groomer) Tuesday, we did a month pass of self wash, I wish I could have videoed that episode. The employee a nice woman about 10 years older then me showed me how to use all the showers and fancy products and left Hound dog and me alone to do it....took about 10 minute of sheer willpower to get my flailing, out of control, smelly 90pound puppy into the tub (3 step on a ladder people, that's all she had to climb) Employee came back in and said these words, which i am pretty proud of "Wow I am impressed you didn't give up, most people after trying that long just leave" I smiled with water all over me and dog hair on my face, said "well see something you should know about  me, I am a fighter and have more stubbornness and determination then this dog, I have to!" we both laughed and for the next 45 min...yes that long I washed and "tried" to dry her...she bit at the blow dryer and howled like an old Blood Hound pro, I felt pretty sorry for the lady washing her well behaved dog next to us. we both walked out clean from our bath!!

-I pretty much have insomnia every night.
-Husband and i are in a littler predicament seeing as he is lactose intolerant and I am allergic to Soy (milk included) needless to say we do not buy milk EVER. But have found Coconut milk, which is dairy and soy free, we win!! This is how I would like my everyday life to be, a good product and day that both husband and I enjoy and a life of small pleasures and finds!

-All I want to eat this week is homemade smoothies, Frozen any kind of fruit, coconut milk, spinach, flax seeds Oh SO GOOD. but I am completely out of everything, Ya for grocery shopping day today!
-Have booked 4 more photo shoots. 2 next week, 1 newborn shoot as soon as baby is born, and family shoot in a few weeks! LOVE IT.

-Have been turned onto Mad Men on netflix...just started season one...oh how i would love to be back in the 60s and wearing those outfits! Adore all of them, havent drawn a conclusion about the show yet.

Well that should be enough to sum up the last few weeks. Have a fabulous Thursday.


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