Thursday, April 5, 2012

its a bold statement


Flats- Old Navy / Pants- American Eagle / Shirt & Sweater- Macy's / Necklace- Gifted from a friend

At one point these where my white American Eagle Jeans and after RIT Dye they are now my Lemon Yellow Capri's!!! Hello Summer outfit for free. We are still experiencing rain, snow, wind and more but if I wear bright enough colors I just know one day the sun will come out and i will be ready for it.

I choose Lemon because I was loving all the colors on pinterest and when I would look in stores they had lighter yellow but also for more money then I wanted to spend so after purchasing RIT for 1.99 and one color wash in the washer I have my very bold statement!

I am linked up with the Blonde Episodes (Fashion Friday) Don't forget to check it out.
Fashion Friday

Have a great weekend, happy Easter, may it be a time of reflection, faith and family. Monday I will be on here with my DIY Easter Pencil Skirt I made!!



  1. Love the yellow capri's! I so want yellow skinny jeans!! They'll match my yellow strappy heels. :)

    Stopped by from Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday!

    ~ Regina - Head Glam Gal at Margarita Bloom

  2. I love ankle cleavage! Plus, pastel coloured trousers are all the rage for Spring! Have fun!

  3. Nice dye job! Love the pants!!