Monday, April 9, 2012

My First DIY clothing!

My Little Matching Day.

Husband and i are not real big on the hole matchy match thing *well I will be hones,t its more husband  than I, I am a sappy girl that likes to match my lover. But on holidays its the only time we are allowed to match so I went all out this Easter!!

Shoes- On loan from my sis in law / Skirt- Made by Me / Shirt-Ambercrombi / Necklace-Gifted

*Oh he is super sexy!!

He wore his DIY Tie that I made for him all day and wore it proud. I am so in love with this fabric i may have purchased a few extra to many yards....So you may see a few more pieces from it. Its imported cotton from Italy and was on sale...for 1.99 a YARD...Hello could not pass that up. It was exactly what I have been looking for to make a skirt like this! Making it was not too hard...I took apart an old skirt that i didn't like used that as a pattern (worked out wonderful) made 1 practice skirt before I used the good material and then bam went for it. Husbands tie was a little harder since I couldn't take apart one of his Ties to practice so I viewed it while I made it, (no ties where harmed in the making of his new one)!!

We had such a great Easter, celebrating with our family and church family. Good food watched Bubba Watson bring home his first Green Coat at the masters, took Hound Dog on a walk, cleaned the garage , back yard. Big full day!!!

I am headed on a field trip with a sweet special little 3rd Grader today, we are going to Fran's bakery  for a tour and hopefully free samples...:) I was instructed by Howie (the third grader) multiple times... "now Nic and Cole remember no jewelery, no open toes shoes, no high CANT WEAR THAT" The kid is pretty worried I will be all fancied out to go to Fran's.....I promised him I would obey the rules and not make a spectacle of myself!!



  1. Wow, I can't believe you made that skirt and tie! You guys look great! I'm not usually a fan of matchy matchy couples, but I think you have just the right amount!

  2. Ooohh Frans was so yummy today! Had me a good time chatting with you while we tried not to get sick on the bus!!