Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 27 of Project 365

Day 4 -

Busy busy busy describes my days!! So Monday we had done our inspection on our first house only to have it fail miserably . So we withdrew our offer! Back to square one we go. And it was finally homecoming at the school and Tom and I went as the chaperons. and after a full days work, looking at hundreds of homes, 2 high school basketball games and 3 coffees later we headed off to bowl with 30 high schoolers. BUT we had a blast!!!!! Got home about 2am and boy am I getting old!! Here are a few pictures of our adventure... Ohh and I never got a full picture of my outfit! Apparently I was to busy bowling the BEST games of my life to take a picture, and I am happy to announce I beat my husband on all 3 games we played.

My Beautiful Courteney!

At one point *confession time-
I may have not only had 3 coffees but also a 7/11 large size of diet coke and then got so thirsty from my extreme bowling that I downed an Extra large mt. Dew right after! Now I hate mt. Dew normally, but you put me with a bunch of teenagers and I think I am that young too.... I forget I will be 26 in 2 short weeks, my body is different, my immune system is different, and my energy is different! but non the less I drank all of that in a short 3 hour period...from abut 9pm to midnight..
Anyways back to the story, so you get how hopped up I was and maybe a little too exited, well I bowled a strike and that happens about never.... I started jumping up and down and doing a little fist pumping action my very large and kinda heavy necklace heart flew up and hit the bridge of my nose! I am excited to report I got 2 little bruises , my battle wounds. 

Me and My LOVE
I may Look a little tired, at this point I have only had 2 coffees :)

White classic long sleeve tee, Yellow ruffle shirt from Target, dark wash skinny's, purple flats

 OHH the adventure I get to have on a daily basis!

Nic & Cole


  1. Impressive Nicole, I would have been wired till 5 am on all that caffeine! Loved the story :)

  2. sorry about the house. will have to get the full story later. However, the bowling was surely a success with the woopin' you gave your husband (yes, Tom, I an definitely rubbing it in!)