Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 24 of Project 365

Day 1- 

We had such an exciting day , not only was it day 1 of my remix....oh the limited choices I know have, but it was our House inspection!!!! YES one step closer to purchasing our first home. Only to find out that if you buy older homes, they require more work. YES even the ones that are completely redone and look newer (ohh how it fooled me), the foundation is still not new, nor is the sewer, or the attic, and you also run into the issue of "did they properly build the new stuff? Is it up to code and has it been inspected by the county?". (apparently my husband didn't forget those things but I did, so it was a big shock to hear how the inspection actually went)  So now its decision we buy and spend the next 10 years fixing it, and can we even fix it? or do we look for a new one?????.......Stay tuned in, the BIG ANSWER to come !!

Boot Cut Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Black 3/4 Turtle Neck, Red knit sweater

Cooper modeling my Day 1 sweater!!!!
Nic & Cole


  1. Great first outfit! Love the poses too you cute thing :) About the 3rd pic... oh Cooper!!

  2. 1. You are ADORABLE!!
    2. It's not a red sweater, it's most definitely the most awesome burnt orange ever!!! And I'm filled with envy every time I see it.
    4. I just admitted I'm jealous on the internet... that's almost like going live on TV.
    3. Cooper does not pull it off like you do... just sayin'