Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 23 of Project 365

30 For 30 REMIX~

Feb 1st came way to fast!!!  As I sadly removed all my pieces of clothing from my closet and left only the 30, I started to freak out a little bit but I took a few deep breaths and defocused. I am good now, but please do not quote me on that when I am on day 15 and freaking out yet again!! And on a side note, I am pretty sure I have too many cloths. YIKES I can not believe I just said that. :)

So here are the clothing for potential outfits! 
3 Pairs of Jeans- Dark Boot cut, Gray Skinny's, Dark Skinny's

4 Skirts

11 Shirts
I had to alter my remix a little, so instead of adding shoes in on the count. I added 3 pairs of work black pants to the list (not pictured because they are just boring black skinny's)

So the Fun Begins! Wish me luck 


Nic & Cole 

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  1. you are brave Nic, but I love this idea. I may work into trying this, but just typing that makes my nervous and raises my heart rate. lol