Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 25 Of Project 365

Day 3 Of 30 Remix ~

What a beautiful day we had here in Oregon and in February!! Shocking almost. While I took my photo shoot for the day (my very hight tech fancy photo shoot that consist of anyone willing to take a picture on my phone) I needed my sunglasses, I appologize for the sun in my face, but thats what you get. 
And might I add that its weird for me to take a picture everyday I actually very much hate it !  

Hello SUNSHINE! Ohhh how I have missed you these long 4 months.

 Not only wsa it beautiful out side I have the most amazing friend, she is truly beautiful inside and out and looked absolutely adorable and very stylish so she made the Remix :)
Sairiana's cute new boots that match her shirt !

 A little picture of the view by my house. And I got to spend an extra 2 hours in my car driving home yesterday because of an accident on the freeway! ohhh how I can not wait to live in a town I don't have to take a freeway to get to. 

Nic and Cole


  1. two of my favorite people...oh how I miss you girls. Is it almost Tuesday again? You both are beautiful, and that beauty just shines through you! I love you

  2. you are too cute. I love your outfit. I live in Oregon too! I'm loving are nice weather. :)