Wednesday, December 5, 2012


REDO, Please?!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks, where life is only on a certain day but you are truly living a day ahead....whelp that is me this week. All week in fact i have been a step ahead but a dollar short, for example,(because who doesn't want to hear the rants of a crazy prego woman and her weird moments ??! Right!) As I started todays blog out I started it as "Awesome and Awkward THURSDAY" !! anyone see a problem here?! I completely typed out a blog about all the awkward things that now make up my life and was smiling and laughing and really thinking i had a great blog today, THEN I remembered in fact it is not Thursday and instead of saving the blog entry for tomorrow, I deleted the entire thing!!! So we start fresh.
 Here is another one, Monday I completely forgot a meeting and a prayer does one do that you ask?! Good question.
Tuesday rolls around I am getting ready for work and got a sweet text message from my Friend asking if I forgot about our coffee date 45 min ago.....not only did i forget meeting with her,  I only shaved one leg in the shower that morning! It happened again....two birds one stone?!
See I am a normally put together, I pride myself in being on top of my appointments and not forgetting, I use my phone as a planner and am good at it. Well I think I need a redo week,  a start over, because I have failed a few too many times already and its only WEDNESDAY....
I truly never understood Pregnancy brain, but I am going to 100% blame that because this is not cool!

So after that long rant of a GREAT start to my week here is what I wore Wednesday at 21- 22 weeks prego....(don't hold your breath I am at the point of no return in my clothing.....nothing fits and I have thrown a tantrum and threw all my clothes out of my closet and insisted husband lets me buy some pants that don't make me look like I am squeezing the baby' brain out or that makes me look like I am wearing a diaper, fingers crossed my pants in the mail will fit for at least a month, because the way this belly is growing I don't think my pants stand a chance!)

                                                            The hound dog on a walk with us

                                                                      Date Night

                                                     Happy Birthday Husband Date Night

                                                 Brittingham Family Christmas Card 2012

                                               Watching our College Football Civil War Game
                           -when all else fails, yoga pants, and a too small shirt will do the trick

                                                      Saturday Signing Christmas Tree - week 21

Have a great Wednesday and if you are living a day ahead Thursday!

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  1. You look great! Hopefully the jeans will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe at this point in your pregnancy. I've heard all about the pregnancy brain! Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for you :)

    P.S. Someone was taking information (pics & text) from my blog and creating a Facebook page with it. They had started contacting my friends pretending to be me. Kind of weirded me out so for now I'm taking a break...

    - Leah

  2. I remember pregnancy brain. Oh the joy. After Liz (so technically it was post-pregnancy brain) I spent about 6 weeks asking Tricia if I had forgotten anything important. She saved me sooooo many times, what would I have done without her.