Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekends go way fast

Weekend Joy

Double trouble sisters .                   Dixie Lou and Ellie Mae
*we actually had miss. Dixie Lou last weekend but I forgot to include this last week...my bad!

Our Sunday Church Service was held out doors on our 188 acres. I didn't actually get a picture of me on the filed...surprise, surprise RIGHT?! but I went to a beautiful baby shower after for my Kinda Sister in Law ( I really like her so we will just say she is my sister in law) She is due Sep 4th and looks absolutely amazing! And luckily enough my sis in law grabbed a few pictures of me and so here is my outfit!
Dress- Target/ Hat - Urban Outfitters / Gold Watch- Nordstroms

 Sweet Baby John Martin...being adorable

Blast from the past- This is last years outdoor service!

 This is my sweet little Lobster...Elijah. I love this little man so much! Born only 3 months earlier, I got to snuggle him all morning during our outdoor church service.
And this year....

Not so much......He wore my hat, and is very much a big boy and loves to not be snuggled that close. But ohhhh how I love him so much.

Nic & Cole


  1. MUST.HAVE.THAT.PHOTO!!!! Oh you and your lobster are adorable!!!!

  2. I love his look...And yes I will get it to you pronto! :)