Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Awkward and Awesome

Awkward and Awesome.


- Taking my (fake) Niece to Starbucks this morning, I may have straightened her hair , got her a mini Starbucks cup of apple juice and a treat and she looked just like me, and all these older moms gave me the stink eye. I am thinking its because I look like I am 15 and she is 4 and they are trying to do the math (thinking I am her mom)  I think I need to get use to this because although I found a whole lot of wrinkle lines when I smile and gray hair yesterday I am destined to look like a teenager!
- Wrinkle lines....Yes lets chat about that. Was getting ready for church last night and was studying my self in the mirror, Husband made me laugh and I saw myself laughing.......There they were, plan as day, and sadly I think I am the last to know, and see them. My wrinkles (big Sigh) I strangely felt my age for a second...and not 19 any more. Not a fun feeling. 
- Finding gray hair . My hair dresser says it stress because its not true graying...but then lets think about that for a second. What in the world am I stressing about so much that its causing me to have gray hair and how do I stop...then that stress me out and I swear I feel another one popping up or sprouting up like weeds. Thank the Dear Lord for hair dressers! 
- Learning how to sew.....and realizing I am not so good at it. I got a jam up of thread and now can not get it re-loaded......I think I need my moms help. Also I have already got my finger stuck and punctured by the needle...oh boy,  "I want to do what? design and sew cloths" I have a lot of work ahead of me.  

Monday Outfit. Shirt- H&M , Belt -Thrifted. Pants- American Eagle, boat Shoes- Thrifted, Dog- Courtesy of Rosco the blood hound  and a lab named Lucy....Priceless.


-Today my mamma and I are headed out for a beach, shopping adventure. Much needed quality time with her and plus CLOTHS SHOPPING
 - Going out with a group of about 30 to see the new movie "the Help" and have some Fro-yo. What a great adventurous day for me. Then crying my eyes out at the movie - not sure if that should have gone on the awkward post but oh well. Some scene's in movies just hit a little to close to home, no I have never had a maid (sorry for any confusion in that last sentence) 
- We get to leave for an entire week...which we have not done since our honeymoon and head over to eastern Oregon to see Jim and Kathy! Forecast : SUNNY in the upper 90's and NO chance of rain. That means this girl will be out side soaking up every ounce (not sure if you can measure in ounces the amount of sun you get?!) of sun I can get. I am expecting great color and relaxation this next week. And they are excited to see Elliott, who will be making the trip with us!
- Only 41 days until we are off to Disneyland!!!!!! 
Sweater- Ann Taylor (from Sarah Closet, garage sale) , White shirt- American Eagle, Leggings - Nordstroms, Sandals -Target , Watch - Nordstroms
Happy Thursday, may your day be filled with A LOT of Awesome and not so much the Awkward. 

Nic & Cole


  1. Whaaa? You're going to Disneyland? Jealous! LOVE your outfits - especially the first one... great pic of you too!

    Love awkward and awesome posts! But what on earth is a stress gray hair vs. a real gray hair???

  2. That's so cute that the last time you took a week vacation was on your honeymoon (how long ago was that? Oh yea, that's right, ONE year!!)

  3. Love that sweater!