Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its just Me

My name is Nicole, there are a few things you need to know about me, as you start to read my blogs and learn about me.

First, being I love country music, I love country in general. My life long dream has been to be a Country Star, sing ,dance, dress in the cutest country cloths and cowboy boots,and have big blond perfectly big curled hair, you know all that problem is..I cant SING or dance , I don't have blond hair, and I don't live in Nashville, I live in Wilsonville. So I will just keep being my own country super star in the car, for my husband, HE LOVES IT.

Second, I just lived my real dream, I meet and married the man of my dreams, Thomas. Thomas and I meet in December of 2008 at my Job, US Bank where I was the TC and he was the Manager at Go Wireless down the street.  He was the boy from Ontario and I was the girl from Molalla, from that moment on we became friends, 5 months later we went on our first date, I knew then that he was the man I was going to marry. 1year and 2 months later we got married, in my home town, our church. It was perfect, my fairy tale come true I loved ever second of the day and would marry him all over again! And may I say that I had the perfect dress, it was the AMAZING.  I now have the fun, and the joy of learning how to be a wife, learning how to cook, which is so much easier with new pots and fun cooking utensils. To learn how to be a team, and to learn how to ask before I buy a pair of boots. :)  You could say - which Thomas does say " Nicole you have a real problem, a real boot problem" I truly cant help how much I love them.
And Thirdly, I work at a school, a great school. This is my second year as the office Admin. which is just the fancy way of saying I am the secretary, the go-to person, the "i am bleeding and I need help" the "I am sick and think i might throw up, i need help" and the "i just got sent out of class and need to sit in here and talk (bug) you" go-to person. I see the kids all day everyday and that's why I get up so very early in the morning, those kids are GREAT. They are a joy to be around, they continually make me laugh and keep me on my toes. There is never a dull moment during the school day. It is a long winter and summer break with out them. So the reason behind my blog name has to do with kids. Almost every story I have has to do with something a kid did or said during the day. I have known these particular  boys since they were born. they are now in the school, they are in 2nd and 1st grade. Brendan calls me Nic, because his Grandma calls me that, Gavin calls me Cole because his mom calls me. One day Maggie their mom said, "hey boys, Nic is going to come over and watch you tonight, you need to be good for her, do you understand me?" Brendan says with a very sad and frustrated face "mom, i don't want Nic, I want Cole to watch us. She is nicer and we have more fun with her." So Maggie laughed and started to explain to the boys that Nic and Cole were in fact the same person, and so from that moment on they have called me Nic & Cole, to them I have 2 names and always will. The Longs have been great friends of ours and have a very special place in our hearts, even though we don't agree on one thing....Beavers or Ducks! Good things we like these guys. 
Maggie and Keith Long

Sometimes I feel like I have to be two different people at the school, The super nice Mrs. Cole and the not so nice, very firm, "Don't get in trouble and be in my office" Mrs. Nic. Depending on the situation and the reasons I truly do have to be both people. So on any given day I could be either of them and strangely enough I am both of them. I am: Fun and Nice, sweet and stern, random and organized, giving but selfish (I never want to share my husband), happy and sappy, energized by lazy, passionate but passive, healthy eater but love snack foods.  And that fits for me, I am Nic and Cole and if you say it fast enough it does sound like my name , NICOLE.

 Nic & Cole with Brendan and Gavin - Christmas 2009.

Nic & Cole~


  1. Well hello lovely lady! I found your fine blog from your comment on mine, with your picture showing and everything so good job for figuring it all out :) Can't wait to read more about your newlywed life!
    And I'll just say that even after 11 years (of marriage) the boots can still be real problem!!

  2. I too have a real boot problem according to Doug. I however think I am just fine, me and my twenty something pair of boots. Love the blog, love you more!

  3. Hey, I found you! It may have taken me two weeks,but I did it!Just marry a guy like erik and he won't care how many boots you buy. He made not understand why we NEED that many, but he doesn't care:) What a guy!

  4. Cara-
    You described yourself great.
    Love that you're on. I'm signing up to follow you from now on.