Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year New Goals

I have decided that I wanted to do the Project 365, take a picture everyday, and I will still blog but on days I can not find a single thing to share or blog about, at least I will get a picture up there!

So to play catch up on the past few weeks of my life and 2011.....

Dec 31st / Jan 1st
We Rocked in the New Year with Our family and lots of Kids

Jan (some where in the first week) 
Meet my favorite Blazer Player- Patty Mills. As we walked down the mall, I walked past him and said "Babe, that looks like Patty Mills" and Tom looked and said "Honey that's because it is Patty!" So as a person with stalker tendencies asked "can we follow him" But as a reasonable man that Tom is said no, something about him being on the phone and its not nice to stalk people. But I didn't really hear anything because I was focused on how to get to Patty Mills...some sort of excuse to turn around and go the opposite way of the car.  After I instantly posted on Facebook...oh the joy of having a "smart phone" I somehow convinced Tom to "just see" if Patty was off the phone yet, AND WELL it worked. ( my hunch is, its because he loves me  A LOT) W not only found Patty but he was off the phone. I smiled really big and he looked at me like I was a crazy woman. We went up and I said "Hi Patty, I am a huge fan, you are my favorite player." - and then it started to go down hill........FAST. I got a red and started sweating, I was star struck and could not even remember how to speak, I believe the next words out of my mouth went something like this...."I love, playing you watch...."

Oh man talk about lame!!!! But Tom picked up what i was trying to say and talked with him, he was super cool, he was looking for his Mum and Dad they left him in a store! :) And as a person with Stalker tendencies  I had my phone camera up and ready "just in case" 
Patty Mills!!!!

Skip ahead a little bit....

January 12th - Happy 7 month anniversary to me and my Thomas. Life is great, I love being married, actually, every month just gets better!

January 13th
We began the house purchasing process for the 2nd time!!!
"Thats my house!!" :)   

WE put an offer on this house, its everything we want in a house with a double lot property and 3 thousand square foot house.We should know if they like our offer by Monday at 5pm!!! Meanwhile I have already started to paint and decorate in my mind. :)

So there is a little catch up and some pictures for my day.


  1. Your mixed up line to Patty Mills made me laugh out loud - hilarious! I'm excited to see more pics of your life - good idea doing the Project 365 thing. AND... how awesome is that house?!!! Oh my goodness - LOVE IT.

  2. That house is so cute! If you saw the drawings of the outside of my house it would be eerily similar. Maybe now you're house stalking! I'll have to keep my eye one you:) Like the changes in your blog!