Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 of Project 365

Do you ever just feel like your life can be summed up in 20 seconds?! 
As I sat on the couch last night I felt like I had an out of body experience, I watched that common scene went right out the door in other offices like mine, that there are other people feeling what I feel at work, so today I would like to share my working day with you via a STAPLES commercial. And if someone could find an easy button for me I would appreciate it :) 
                                     the play button is in the middle of the screen

My day has a lot going on, I get to answer a thousand different questions at one moment! I am expected and expect myself to know the answers to them all. I will make a list of things to do for the day and not get to cross any off!!! And if you are a list person like know just how frustrating it is, but don't you worry I add extra stuff on it like
MAKE COPIES, CLEAN UP, READ EMAILS, MAKE MORE COPIES,  GO THE BATHROOM  (The sad part is I am not making those up I really do it just so I can cross something off my list!!) 
But dont get me wrong I love where I work, and its a lot of fun.
Some of my favorite parts of the day, go like this.

Go into bathroom (because I haven't gone ALL DAY) barely make it in on time.....sitting there, I hear 2 girls walk in, all is quite..then I get to hear this conversation.......
Girl 1: .PSSST....
Girl 2: "Yes" 
Girl 1: "have you started your, ummm "you know what"yet ??!?"
Girl 2: "Ummm I don't know!???"
Me: SNICKERING to myself
Girl 2: "have you?"
Girl 1: "no, that's embarrassing!"
GIRL 1 and 2 as they come out to wash their hands seeing me standing there......BRIGHT RED!!!!! 

Ohhh to be in 5th Grade again. I do not envy them at all, the confusion of not know if you really did start or not!!! 
Me and my Copier it is a Day to Day Love - Hate Relationship. (Please do not shake my printer if it is out of ink)

Day 19 -In the life of Nicole


  1. Ha ha, I will not shake your printer. Or touch it. Because it scares me. You however, look ADORABLE! Love the outfit!

  2. Cute post ,Cole, just like you!

  3. oh sweetie...I promise I will come and take you to lunch and then you can cross that off your list! yay o yay. love you